Sly – Slated to die alone in a shelter, APARN gave him love and dignity in his final days.

Sly was found outside a business in Phoenix and brought to a local shelter in terrible condition. After being evaluated the shelter decided he should be put him down the next day. APARN was alerted of his presence by some of the staff and an APARN volunteer drove over after work and scooped him right out of the shelter! Covered in ticks, fleas, mud and blood he sat in her bathtub for hours being picked over and scrubbed by volunteers. He was clearly paralyzed and had other injuries that didn’t quite add up.

Once he saw the vet it was explained that his injuries were from abuse. Sly suffered a crushed vertebrae in his spine, a cut tail and other lacerations.

Sly was cared for in a quiet APARN foster home being treated for malnutrition, tick fever, and Urinary Tract Infections. He was put on several medications and some good food. He required diaper changes multiple times a day and his spinal injuries rendered him incontinent, was carried everywhere because he could not walk, and all his needs were gently tended to. It was hoped that his condition would improve and initially it did. He played with toys, loved to be held and cuddled and slept right next to his foster mom at night.

Unfortunately after a few weeks, his condition drastically worsened. It became apparent in the last several days that he was getting worse after initialing improving. He had marked neurological symptoms in his front limbs and neck that were increasing with every day. He no longer could sit up as he had done initially and instead his front legs were stiff, and he was only able to lay on his side which caused him great distress. He improved after a steroid shot but quickly reverted the following day which indicated swelling in his brain from infection or possible tumor.

Many of APARN’s followers read Sly’s story on our Facebook page about him being rescued from abuse and all he had to overcome, and so many were rooting for this sweet little boy. But in the end, there was just too much to overcome. We made the decision to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge before he started suffering. We are so grateful to everyone who pledged for his medical care and donated for Sly and other pugs in need. He truly had a wonderful three weeks with APARN…plenty of cuddles, kisses and playing with toys. Sly enjoyed a cheeseburger and then calmly relaxed as multiple people petted him and told him what a wonderful pug he was.

We want everyone to please know that Sly was greatly loved and well cared for in his foster home. We appreciate every prayer and well wish sent for him. We are very proud that he was not left in a shelter to die alone and afraid, but was able to come to APARN and live in a house, sleep in bed with people that loved him and know kindness in his final days.

The pathology confirmed that Sly passed from Pug Dog Encephalitis (a rare untreatable, genetic, and always fatal condition). He spent his last weeks not in a dirt lot or on a shelter floor but in a clean, quiet, safe and loving APARN home. Not every pug can be saved by the time they come into our arms, but we can show them all love and kindness, and make sure that none is left behind.

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