Piper Cub

I looked down at the number as the phone rang, and recognized it as one of the vet clinics APARN works with. “Hey Terri, it’s Dawn; I’ve got an owner here who wants to euthanize a 4-year old pug rather than do emergency surgery to remove bladder stones. I told him about APARN, and he will sign her over, but I need you to come down here now.”

“On my way; be there in 5 minutes.” I wasn’t even sure if I got all the words out before I disconnected the call and headed for the car.

I arrived at the clinic and was pointed to Room 2. I entered the room to find an adorable little pug sitting with a rather detached man. I introduced myself, and he asked, “What do I need to sign?” I gave him the official Surrender & Release form that would transfer his ownership of the pug to APARN. He signed, handed it back, and left without another word.

The doctor came into the room, and said, “Thank you for coming so quickly. This poor pug is miserable; she hasn’t been able to pee for at least two days. One of the techs will take her back and get her ready for surgery, and we’ll get an estimate for you to sign. She should be ready to go home about 6pm.”

I came back to the clinic just before 6pm to pick up the pug. I gave her the name Piper Cub, as it just sounded cute and different. The tech brought her to me, drowsy and still under the influence of the medications. “She has one small stone that was in her urethra on the post op X-ray; we sedated and retro pulsed it back into bladder. We are hoping it will dissolve with the Urinary SO dog food. It is smaller than the one that originally caused the blockage. Doctor didn’t want to put her back under to go back in as she was already 96.4 degrees. So, please keep a watch on her and if she can’t pee, call us and bring her back in.”

Fortunately, Piper Cub had an uneventful recovery. After surgery and a week on prescription dog food to keep the stones from re-forming, she was feeling like an active young pug again! Once she was posted on the website, a wonderful family was found for her, and she is living the good life – spoiled rotten and very much loved!

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