Nita – We think she's a pug?

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control called APARN about a young dog with demodex so severe no one wanted to say for certain she was a pug.

Little Nita was less than a year old and suffering from demodex manage when she was dumped on the streets and left to fend for herself. Picked up as a stray and taken to the county shelter, APARN got the call and didn’t hesitate to rescue her.

After a quick trip to one of the vets APARN works with, Nita’s foster mom was loaded up with antibiotics, antifungals, medicated shampoos, probiotics and other products to help build Nita’s immune system so she could fight off the demodex mites. It would take a few months before Nita would be healthy enough to undergo spay surgery.

In addition to the medical treatment, Nita got lots of love and socialization from her foster mom. Once she had been spayed, brought up to date on all of her vaccinations, and cleared of the demodex, there was no doubt Nita was a beautiful little pug. She looked nothing like the pitiful little dog she had been when APARN’s loving arms scooped her up.

Healthy and ready to face the world, Nita attended an adoption event and quickly found her Forever Home.

APARN takes in any pug, regardless of age or medical condition, and gets them the care they need to become adoptable.

Ways you can help rescue pugs like Nita.

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