Meet Elfa

Meet Elfa. She is one of the puppy mill pugs APARN took in last December. At that time, she was pregnant. Very pregnant. Because this little mama didn’t have the best conditions at the start of her pregnancy, we worried about her delivery, and the health of her tiny puppies. Elfa delivered six puppies, but despite her best efforts (and those of her dedicated foster mom) within a few days, two had slipped away, just not strong enough to overcome all of their challenges.

Elfa was left with 3 boys and 1 girl. When the puppies turned 8 weeks old, APARN took them to the vet for their first check up and puppy shot. The girl, NessaRose, was immediately placed with a family who had been patiently waiting for a healthy fawn female pug puppy from APARN for almost two years.

Elfa’s boys – Fiyero & Boq (both black) and Frex (fawn) – are now ready to find homes of their own. These puppies are healthy Pug/French Bulldog mixes, or “Frugs” as they are often called.

APARN took in 3 additional pregnant pugs from MASH on January 4, 2016.

One delivered three stillborn puppies on Jan 4th. This poor little girl was only 12 pounds herself, and in no shape to deliver healthy puppies.

One delivered a stillborn, and two other puppies on Jan 4th. Within a few days, the boy passed away, followed a few days later by his sister. Both had been bottle fed in addition to mama’s nursing, and cared for round the clock by a foster mom determined to do what she could to help them make it. The only thing sadder than foster mom, was the pug mama herself, who sunk into depression, and stole a teddy bear which she took into her crate and guarded as a surrogate puppy.

One delivered seven puppies on Jan 16th. One was stillborn, and four passed within the first few days. Two remain, a boy and a girl. We are hoping they are going to make it since they are now three weeks old.

It has been so very sad, that of a total of 19 puppies born, only 6 survived. These poor pugs were so neglected that they hardly had a chance to pass on anything resembling good nutrition to their babies in utero. We had these mamas with volunteers that are extremely experienced in delivery and care of newborn puppies, bottle feeding, etc. We gave them the best chance we could provide. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to offset the damage done by the breeders and their neglect.

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