Kody's Story

“Of course we’ll take him,” I assured the Alternate Placement representative. “It’s what we do.”

It was May 12, 2014. The phone rang. I looked down at the number and took a deep breath. It could only mean one thing: an incoming pug from the Humane Society. Someone had dropped of an 11 year old neutered male pug with neurological deficits and severe dental disease. “Of course we’ll take him,” I assured the Alternate Placement representative. “It’s what we do.”

Our Foster Home Director stopped by the Humane Society on her way home, and picked up Kody. Based on the Dog Profile given by the surrendering owner, he seemed like the perfect dog; it was hard to imagine why after 7 years she no longer had “a place to keep him. ” However, the neurological deficits referred to the fact that he often dragged one or both back legs, as both had pretty bad scuff marks to prove it.

Once he arrived at his foster home, Kody was given a bath and a good dinner. He found a spot away from everyone and called it his. For the next few months, he just sat off by himself, sad and dejected. He wanted nothing to do with the other pugs, toys, or foster mom. He was clearly very unhappy with the change in his life.

During these months, his foster mom noticed the weakness in his back legs was getting worse. He walked less and less, and used the strength in his front arms to drag himself wherever he wanted to go.

At the six month mark, one evening when Foster mom was sitting on the sofa reading, she heard a small bark and looked down to see Kody at her feet, asking to be picked up to sit with her on the sofa! It was quite an accomplishment for this little pug, to finally come around and decide to call this place home! She picked him up and sat him beside her, and he leaned into her, putting his head against her, as if to say, “I’m sorry; do you still love me?” She kissed the soft fur on the top of his head and whispered gently, “Of course I love you, silly boy.”

The time came when it was clear Kody needed a canine wheelchair. We have seen pugs have two distinct reactions to wheelchairs – they either stand and do nothing, or they immediately love it and take off. Kody was one of the latter! He started zooming around, rolling over people’s feet in exuberance of his new found mobility! He was so excited to be able to get around so easily. However, it did confuse him as to why he couldn’t fit through the doggy door, lol.

Kody has been designated a Forever Foster with APARN, meaning he will spend the rest of his life with his foster mom, in APARN’s care. He recently was able to get his dental work done and his mouth is no longer stinky!

Kody is like night and day now, from the dog he was when he came to rescue. We are so glad he chose to let go of the hurt and pain and move on to a new life filled with love and good things. He is a wonderful example of what can happen when one decides to let go of the past and embrace the good things life brings you!

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