BooBoo – Forever Foster

Boo Boo and his sister Darcy were surrendered at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. Both 12 years old, horribly overweight and desperately in need of dental cleanings, APARN took both pugs into rescue. Due to foster space limitations, they were split up and sent to stay with different foster families.

After a few months, Darcy’s foster family sent a heartfelt email expressing their desire to add her to their family permanently. APARN granted their request, and Boo Boo continued attending events.

He was kept on a strict diet of kibble and frozen green beans, and he really started to enjoy his daily walks.

As the weeks went on, Boo Boo’s hearing and vision seemed to decline, and he really didn’t like being left alone. He would cry at the door when left, and seemed to miss his sister Darcy.

Events started taking a toll on him; while Boo Boo used to love car rides, he would now tremble during the entire way to the event. After the event was over and he was home, he would pace and be uneasy for hours. When his foster mom disclosed this information, Boo Boo was excused from attending events.

When Boo Boo’s foster family left on summer vacation, Boo Boo went to visit his sister Darcy. He was so happy there that APARN asked if Darcy’s family would take on Boo Boo as his Forever Foster home. The decision was an easy one, especially after seeing how happy both pugs were to be reunited.

Please help by donating for the care of Boo Boo and other pugs like him.